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The Ministry of Communication, Korea's issuing authority, reset the
"stamp serial number" assignment back to one/"1", for stamps
issued after "Liberation". Therefore, the stamps shown above
are Korea Serial Number 1-6.

Five months after U. S. troops landed in the
Southern part of the Korean peninsula, in September 1945,
six overprinted/surcharged Japanese stamps were temporarily
placed in use, on February 1, 1946, under the direction of
the U. S. Military Government. Five months later,
on June 30, 1946, this temporary issue was withdrawn
from use; having been replaced by the Korean designed,
but Japanese printed, six stamp "Liberation from Japanese
Rule" set, which were issued May 1, 1946.

The overprinted text portion, shown on the pictures above,
is "Cho-seon Oop-yoe/Choseon stamp". The surcharged values,
are: 5 chon, 5 chon, 10 chon, 20 chon, 30 chon, and 5 won.