Extracted from, "Stanley Gibbons, Stamp Catalogue, Part 18":
According to legend, the first Korean kingdom was founded itt 2333 B.C. and Korean chronology still uses this starting point. Recorded history begins with the three kingdoms into which the country was divided from 57 B.C. to 668 A.D. when the Kingdom of SiIla conquered the second of its rivals Koryu, a minor state founded in 918, took control from Silla in 935, and in 1392 was in its turn overthrown by the founder of the Yi dynasty, which lasted until 1910. Japanese designs on Korea began with an invasion by Hideyoshi in 1592-98, during which Japanese sea-lines were cut by the ironclad turtle ship of Admiral Yi Sun Sin. From 1637, when Korea was defeated by the Manchus, until 1895, it owed suzerainty to China. During this period it was a hermit kingdom, till in 1876 it was forced to open diplomatic relations with Japan.

Extracted from Korean Kingdom and Empire Philatelic Catalog and Handbook; by Dr. James W. Kerr:

"On November 10, 1876, the first true post office in Korea was founded by the Japanese at Pusan. (This was not a Korean post office.) Branches at Wonsan and Inchon appeared in 1877. (Note that Inchon is another name for Chemulpo, which in Chinese is Jenchuan, called Ninsen or Jinsen in Japanese.)".

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