South Korea's (MIC's)
1953 Stamp Issuance Schedule

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This Issuance Schedule utilizes stamp pages from Korea's Postal Museum Web Site.

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Stamp Numbers cited:
Korean Stamp Serial No./#
2002-Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPC)
1999-MICHAEL Middle & East Asian Catalogue-Volume 9
1997 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue - Part 18
2004-SCOTT Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue - Volume 4

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STAMP NO./s Date of
Subject # of
141 142
04.05.1953 Air Mail/Post Stamps (12, 18, & 42 Hwan) 3 See Series
144 145
146 147
04.05.1953 Definitive Stamps (Value as indicated):
1 Hwan: Planting trees
2 Hwan: Tombstone of King Mu-yol (turtle)
5 Hwan: Tombstone of King Mu-yol (turtle)
10 Hwan: Planting trees
20 Hwan: Shrine of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, Tong-yong
149 150 08.01.1953 Funding Stamps (Semi-postal Stamps)
Red Cross Fund collection
2 See Series
151 10.25.1953 50th Anniversary of the Korean Y.M.C.A. 1  

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