South Korea
1961 Historical Information
Extracted from Korean Kingdom and Empire Philatelic Catalog and Handbook; by Dr. James W. Kerr:

Korean Government Issued
Souvenir Books
(Presentation Albums)

Book# 8.
In 1961 the ROK Ministry of Communications issued a dark blue book, tied with a blue ribbon, marked "Imperial Korea Postage Stamps (Reproduction)". It includes copies of Moon, Poon, First Provisional (1 poon surcharge, 1900), TH red and black (Tai Han overprint), Small Chon (1900-01), the 1st Commemorative, Second Provisional (1,2,3 chon surcharge), Falcon, and 3rd printing of the Small Chon.

Sizes, colors perfs are not true. This should be regarded as facsimile (almost fake), not as a reissue.

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