1997-Stanely Gibbons Stamp Catalogue- Part 18
(Japan & Korea)
Published by Stanley Gibbons Ltd.

By: F. L. Korean

The 1997-SG, Part 18, lists and assigns stamp numbers in chronological order for commemorative stamps; however, it periodically lists "definitive stamps" and any respective "Coil stamps", by a group of stamp numbers, inserted about every five-years of issue.

Souviner Sheets, which Stanely Gibbons calls "Miniature Sheets" are assigned an "MS----" number, using the next sequential number available.

The last stamp number assigned in the 1997 SG Catalogue is MS2211 for the four S/S of the Mushroom (4th Series) Issues; Aug. 19, 1996.

I have looked at Stanley Gibbons' Web-Site "My collection", beginning with Literature Series (2nd Issue); Sept. 16, 1996, and continuing thru the first issue of 2005.
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