Title : Millennium Series (9th Issue)
Date of Issue
170 won 
Korean reunification 
Kim, Sung-am 
Stamp No.
Image Area
Sheet Composition
6 stamps-setenant 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Since 1999, the Ministry of Information and Communication has been issuing a millinnial series of stamps to pay tribute to the past accomplishments of our ancestors meaningfully celebrate the beginning of the new millennium. This ninth collection depicts Korea's vision of the future.

The new millennium has conjured up high hopes, and big expectations in our hearts. The landmark Inter-Korean Summit on June 13 was an icebreaker that sowed the seeds of hope for national reunification on the Korean Peninsula, which had been dominated for the past 5 decades by Cold War hostilities. The dreams of space travel that was possible only in your dreams has become a very promising prospect for common folks on earth. Thanks to the quantum-leap development of science and technology, the success of the human genome proiect is just around the corner, It is expected to open a new era of medical discovery that will change the face of medicinc by providing the means to overcome such hereto incurable diseases. The rapid development of the Internet and wireless communications technology has made our life more affluent and convenient. As environmental pollution emerges as one of the greatest challenges for our continued survival, innovative alternative energy sources are being briskly developed, giving us hope that they can reduce our fossil fuel usage, or possibly eliminate it all together and that we will be able to pass down a legacy of a better and cleaner world to our posterity.

In the stamp designs, the fIrst stamp depicts a running bicycle with the two wheels representing South and North Korea each, symbolizing our reunification process. The second stamp depicts a rainbow in the blue sky embodying the importance of environmental protection. The third features the human genome project. signifl,ing the eradication of incurable diseases. The design depicting the IMT 2000 and satellites embodies communications technology of the future. Space travel and solar-powered automobiles and windmills that embody alternative energy sources are shown on the other stamps. Among the ninth collection, designs depicting Korean reunification, environmental protection, and space travel are chosen from winning works in the 2001 International Postage Stamp Design Contest hosted by the MIC.