2002-KPC (Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue)
Published by Korean Philatelic Co., Ltd.

Possible/Probable Errors:

The previously listed (since at least 1995KPC), R1(24) 6 chon stamp, is missing from the 1905 Reprinted by the Japanese section, page 14 of the 2002KPC. Although I'm a very slow-speed Han-gul reader, I can not detect an explanation.

Extracted from Korean Kingdom and Empire Philatelic Catalog and Handbook; second edition 1990; by Dr. James W. Kerr:
Kerr & associates say that the 6 chon stamp was printed in 1905 (or later) by the Japanese to fill Souvenir Book# 2 (released in January 1906), when this stamp value ran short. The stamp's paper was thicker and more porous; and the color was "Chalky blue"; when compared to KPC's# 20(24).
KPC: Why did you do this?
See 1995KPC page 14           See 2002KPC page 14

Picture, 75A: "75A(73A)"; should be : 75A(72A).
Picture, 76A: "76A(72A)'; should be : 76A(73A).

Bal-hang-il/Date of Issue for KPC#'s 234-236, should be "65.9.1"; not 64.9.1.