Orders Awarded to President Kim Il Sung.
Issued April 15, 2003

As reported by LINN's Stamp News, Sept. 29, 2003

12w, Order of Suhbaatar, Mongolia, January 1953; 35w, National Order of Grand Cross, Madagascar, October 1985; 70w, Order of Lenin, Soviet Union, May 1987; 140w, Order of Playa Giron, Cuba, April 1987; souvenir sheet with 120w stamp, Fidel Castro awarding an order to Kim Il Sung, March 10, 1986, border shows Jose Marti and kimilsungia. Designer, Choe Chol Man; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 100,000 perf stamp sets; 70,000 perf souvenir sheets; 2,000 imperf sets.

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