The following information was extracted from Stanley Gibbons web-site, November 29, 2004.

Commemoration of the 28th Olympic Games.
Issue Date: August 10, 2004.

A sheetlet issued on the occasion of the 28th Olympiad to be held from August 13 to 29, 2004 in Athens, Greece, show various sports games.

The Olympic emblem and the five-ring Olympic depicts on the right side of the sheetlet and the emblem of National Olympic Committee of the DPR Korea depicts on the left side.


Technical Details Extracted from Stanely Gibbons:

Olympic Games - Athens 2004
8-stamp sheetlet + booklet:
Issue Date: 10 August 2004
Printing: offset
Stamp size: 33 x 45 mm
Sheetlet size: 170 x 125 mm
Booklet size: 90 x 60 mm
FDC size: 162 x 114 mm
Aerogramme size: 162 x 114 mm
Designs: W3 x2:
W12 x2:
W85 x2:
W140 x2:
Sheetlet: 8 stamps (4 designs)
Booklet: 4 stamps
Sheetlet quantity: 30.000 (Perf)
2.000 (Imperf)
Booklet Quantity: 1.500 (Perf)
500 (Imperf)
500 without cover (Perf)
50 without cover (Imperf)
FDC Quantity: 2.000
Aerogramme Quantity: 2.000
Designer: An Chol

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