The following information was extracted from Stanley Gibbons web-site, November 29, 2004.

Issue Date: 20 August 2004

The desire of the world people for travelling freely in a short time is fulfilled by aeroplanes.

Today, highly developing the science and technology, we manufacture and use various passenger planes keeping a flight efficiency and flying high in the air.

From Herrick's Web-Site

From Stanely Gibbons New Issues


Technical Details Extracted from Stanely Gibbons:

Aeroplanes 4-stamp sheetlet + booklet: Issue Date: 20 August 2004 Series: - Colour: - Printing: offset Paper: - Watermark: - Gum: - Stamp size: 51 x 39 mm M/S size: - Sheetlet size: 125 x 105 mm Booklet size: 120 x 65 mm FDC size: 195 x 125 mm Aerogramme size: 162 x 114 mm Perforation: - Designs: W3: Airbus A340 - 600 W97: Concorde W104: Graf Zeppelin II W116: Junkers Ju 52/3m BKT: Format: - Sheet: - Sheetlet: 4 stamps Booklet: 4 stamps Stamp Quantity: - M/S Quantity: - Sheetlet quantity: 30.000 (Perf) 2.000 (Imperf) Booklet Quantity: 1.500 (Perf) 500 (Imperf) 500 without cover (Perf) 50 without cover (Imperf) FDC Quantity: 2.000 Aerogramme Quantity: 2.000 Designer: Choe Chol Man Designer Bkt: Choe Chol Man Designer FDC: Choe Chol Man Printers: - First Day Postmark: -

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