The following information was extracted from Stanley Gibbons web-site, November 29, 2004.

Eternal Bodyguard Kim Jong Suk
Issue Date: September 22, 2004

Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese heroine, was loyal to President Kim 11 Sung during the anti-Japanese armed struggle. Her loyalty still lives in the hearts of the Korean people as a star.

She regarded it as the greatest mission and first duty of a revolutionary to safeguard him.

She shielded him with her own body in many battles-the Hongqihe battle (March 1940) and the battle on the outskirts of Dasahe (early summer of 1940) and defended his safety.

She devoted her all to ensuring his good health.

Once in the winter of 1940, she dried his clothes against her own body and made liners of his shoes with her hair when he was going to the enemy-controlled area with a small unit in the spring of 1941.

After the liberation of the country, she devoted her energy and wisdom to relieving him of his concerns for carrying out his line of building a new country.

Indeed, the life of the anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk was a memorable one.

3 won stamp: A pistol used by the anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk.
97 souvenir sheet: Eternal bodyguard Kim Jong Suk.


Technical Details Extracted from Stanely Gibbons:

Eternal Bodyguard Kim Jong Suk

1 stamp + miniature sheet: Issue Date: 22 September 2004 Series: - Colour: - Printing: offset Paper: - Watermark: - Gum: - Stamp size: 45 x 33 mm M/S size: 105 x 86 mm (60 x 38 mm stamp) FDC size: 162 x 114 mm Perforation: - Designs: W3: M/S W97: Format: - Sheet: - Stamp Quantity: 20.000 (Perf) 1.000 (Imperf) M/S Quantity: 20.000 (Perf) 1.000 (Imperf) FDC Quantity: 1.000 Designer: Jon Kum Hui Printers: - First Day Postmark: -

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