The following information was extracted from Stanley Gibbons web-site, November 29, 2004.

WWF: Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides)
Issue Date: September 30, 2004

Swan Goose(Anser Cygnoides), spread in Korea, China, Japan, Russia and Mongolia, is one of the biggest species among the geese.

Its wing is 45 cm in length. It is 7 kg in weight.

Inhabiting in the lower of river, tideland and field, it lives on the grass root, grass seed and scattered grain. It is valuable for hunting.

The PANDA device and WWF initials trademark is used with the authorization of the World Wide Fund for Nature.



Technical Details Extracted from Stanely Gibbons:

WWF: Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides)

4 stamps + booklet: Issue Date: 30 September 2004 Series: - Colour: - Printing: offset Paper: - Watermark: - Gum: - Stamp size: 42 x 35 mm Booklet size: 105 x 55 mm M/S size: - FDC size: 162 x 114 mm Aerogramme size: 162 x 114 mm Maxicard size: 150 x 100 mm Stamped Card size: 150 x 100 mm Perforation: - Designs: W3: W97: W104: W120: Format: - Sheet: 4 stamps Booklet: 4 stamps Stamp Quantity: 100.000 (Perf) each design 5.000 (Imperf) each design M/S Quantity: - Booklet Quantity: 1.500(Perf) 500(Imperf) 500(perf)without cover 50(Imperf)without cover FDC Quantity: 2.000 Aerogramme Quantity: 2.000 Maxicard Quantity(4): 2.000 Stamped Card Qty(4): 2.000 Designer: Kim Hae Yong & Han Song Rim Booklet Designer: An Chol Designer FDC: An Chol Aerogramme Designer: An Chol Maxicard Designer: O Sol Rim & Jo Son 11 Stamped Card designer: An Chol Printers: - First Day Postmark: -

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