The following information was extracted from Stanley Gibbons web-site, November 29, 2004.

Simwon Temple
Issue Date: Ocxtober 5, 2004

The Simwon Temple is situated at the foot of Mt. Pongrin at Sangyang-ri, Pakchon County, North Phyongan Province.

The temple was first built in the 9th century(Koryo Dynasty).

The temple consists of the Pogwang Hall, Jondung Pavilion and Hyangro Pavilion. The Pogwang hall, the main and oldest building, is a one-storeyed hipsaddle building of 3kans (10.85m) in front, and 2 kans (7.2m) on the side.

The hall has been built in a characteristic waytight structures, art of wood carving and stately decorated ceiling.

Particularly, the gold-patterned painting, fashioned in the period of Koryo, is a precious heritage showing the Korean gold and silver-painting technology.

3 won stamp : Simwon Temple (A general view of the Pogwang Hall)
97 won souvenir sheet : Pogwang Hall (A threesome of Buddhist statues)

From Herrick's Web-Site.

From Herrick's Web-Site.


Technical Details Extracted from Stanely Gibbons:

Simwon Temple

1 stamp + miniature sheet: Issue Date: 5 October 2004 Series: - Colour: - Printing: offset Paper: - Watermark: - Gum: - Stamp size: 47 x 35 mm M/S size: 120 x 80 mm (60 x 42 mm stamp) Perforation: - Designs: W3: M/S W97: Format: - Sheet: - Stamp Quantity: 20.000 (Perf) 2.000 (Imperf) M/S Quantity: 20.000 (Perf) 2.000 (Imperf) Designer: Kong Kyong Sit Printers: - First Day Postmark: -

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