As published in Linns Stamp News-New Issues-Asia, August 15, 2005:

June 1: Fauna (joint issue with Russia), triptych of two 40w stamps and a central label,
Young sable (Martes zibellina);
Korean tiger (Panthera tigris Altaica);
177w booklet, contents not reported.
Designers, An Chol Alexander Povarihin; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 70,000 perforated triptychs; 3,000 imperf; 1,000 perf booklets; 500 imperf booklets and perf booklets without covers; 50 imperf booklets without covers.

Russian stamps, from Herrick's Web-Site:

North Korean stamps, from Herrick's Web-Site, Aug. 25, 2005:



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