As reported in LINN's New Issues-Asia; the publication dated Jan. 2, 2006.

Aug. 19: 18th Asian International Stamp Exhibition,
15w, 45w, 70w, 140w, various views of panda;
Souvenir sheet with 120w stamp, panda with cup.
Designers, Han Song Rim, An Chol; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 10,000 perf sets; 1,000 imperf sets.

From the WeB:
2005 Taipei Exhibition

Between 19 and 24 August 2005, the Taipei World Trade Centre hosted the 18th Asian International Stamp Exhibition.

The exhibition coincided with the 109th anniversary of Chunghwa Post and was the first time the organisation has hosted such an event since it became a state-run company in 2003. 2005 also marks the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation. The exhibition featured more than 1,500 frames of exhibits and 150 sales booths.

As shown on Herrick's Web-Site, May 18, 2006:

Perforated    Perforated

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