Title: The Designation of Jeju as Island of World Peace  
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
220 won 
PEACE and the stone grandfather 
Roh Jung-hwa 
Image Area
44mm x 25mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 5 setenant 
White unwatermarked
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, five colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Jeju Island has been called "Sammudo" meaning "a lack of three things." The three things that are said to be absent on the island are thieves, beggars and gates. The very name Sammudo expresses Jeju's long tradition of placing high value on the spirit of cooperation and bonding in the community. Based on this long-standing tradition, Jeju was reborn in January 27, 2005 as the Island of World Peace.

The designation of Jeju as the Island of World Peace by the Korean government is a formal declaration of its unwavering support of the Peace Practice Project. This designation is all the more meaningful for Jeju citizens who suffered through the pain of the April 3 Incident. Having long served as a forum for numerous summits and peace talks, Jeju is now implementing such Peace Practice Projects as building the Jeju Peace Research Institute and Jeju International Peace Center and fostering the Jeju Peace Forum into a representative forum of the Asia-Pacific region. Through such undertakings, Jeju aims to facilitate the prevention and resolution of international disputes and conflicts and to position itself as the City of International Peace that contributes to achieving peace on the Korean peninsula as well as throughout Northeast Asia.

This stamp, issued to commemorate Jeju Island's designation as the "Island of World Peace," emphasizes the significance of peace by displaying the stone grandfather figure. He is the very symbol of Jeju as the guardian icon that looks after the residents' welfare. Blessed with such natural beauties as Mount Halla, which was designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Jeju is expected to grow as an International Free City with peace as its brand label.