Title: 2006 World Ginseng Expo, Geumsan, Korea 
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
220 won 
"Ginseng, the root of life" 
Mo Ji-won 
Image Area
26mm x 36mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 5 
White Unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
The 2006 World Ginseng Expo will be held for the duration of 24 days from September 22 to October 15, 2006 at Geumsan, South Chungcheong Province.

The Korea ginseng, called "the root of life" since ancient times, was referred in an ancient Chinese medical book 1,500 years ago. It is also said to have been traded as far as in the Middle East including the Saracen Empire. The Korea ginseng thrives in the Korean peninsula with its four distinct seasons and has been used since long ago as a treasured medicinal substance. Although a variety of ginseng that is similar with Korea ginseng is also found in the USA, China, Japan, Russia, etc., the Korea ginseng has been widely renowned as being incomparably excellent for its shape and efficacy. In addition, mysterious ingredients in the Korea ginseng that has medical value such as anti-AIDS and protecting the human body against radiation has recently continued to be discovered, drawing the interest of the world's medical circle.

To widely promote the excellence of Korea ginseng and to help Geumsan become the center of the world ginseng industry and distribution, the world ginseng festival is being held at Geumsan, the distinguished ginseng-growing district. The Expo will be participated by 80 or so ginseng processing/selling companies and 100 buyers from abroad. You can experience everything about ginseng: an international academic symposium on ginseng, promotional films on ginseng, various ginseng products displayed/sold, ginseng-related events, etc.

Anticipating the success of the 2006 World Ginseng Expo at Geumsan, a new stamp is being issued featuring a unique human body-shaped Korea ginseng and the ginseng fruit that is harvested only after three or more years of cultivation.