Title: Definitive stamp: 340 won 
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
340 won 
Whistling swan 
Kim Soe-jeong 
Image Area
22mm x 25mm 
Sheet Composition
10 x 10 
White Unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, five 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
As part of the adjustment of postal charges starting from Nov. 1, 2006, new stamps are being issued: the 220 won post card (up to 5g); the 250 won stamp for non-priority mail (from 5g to 25g); the 340 won stamp for non-standard non-priority mail (up to 50g); the 1,750 won stamp for registered mail (from 5g to 25g); and the 250 won My Own Stamp.

The 250 won stamp for non-priority mail features the brown hawk-owl. The summer migratory bird belonging to the owl family has been designated as Natural Monument No. 324. Its body is about 29cm long. Its head, back and tail are dark brown, while its white chest and belly have dark brown spots that form vertical lines. Its habitats include needle-leaf trees, deciduous broad-leaved trees, forests near human dwellings and gardens. It is active primarily during night time and feeds on insects, bats, small wild birds, etc.

The 340 won stamp for non-standard non-priority mail features a whistling swan. The winter migratory bird has been designated as Natural Monument No. 201. Its body is about 120cm long. Its overall body is white, with a yellow beak with the beak's end and legs being black. It lives near the mouth of rivers including the Nakdong River, reservoirs, lakes, etc., and feeds on plant stems, roots, or insects living in the water.

The 1,750 won stamp for registered mail features the "Buncheong ware with lotus and fish design in underglaze iron-brown." Created during the Joseon dynasty, it features a drawing of a fish and lotus flower, drawn with chocolate-colored iron oxide pigment, with bold patterns. Looking as if it is about to jump up, the fish is expressed in an exaggerated manner with its fins widely unfolded and its scales are expressed through dots. Being 29.7cm tall and 17.9cm in diameter, this celadon bottle is housed at the National Museum of Korea.

The 250 won My Own Stamp features the rose of Sharon - Korea's national flower. Distinct from the vivid depiction of the flower in previous stamps, the stamp being issued expresses a light and cheerful version of the rose of Sharon.