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Jan. 1, 2007:Year of the Pig.

Greeting the new year .Juche 96(2007) the stamps reflecting the animals were issued.

The pig is an omnivorous domesticated animal of wild boar kind. The domesticated pig was originated from wild boar. In our country the pigs have been raised since 4.000 to 5000 years ago. The major species of the pig stands at over 80 and over 400 including the hybrids. The fur colour is black, white and black-cum-white. The pig has poor eyesight hut is highly sensitive to sunlight, sound and environmental changes.

Technical Details:

1. Stamp (2 values)

Stock No. 4472 - 4473
Size 28 x 38.5 mm
Denomination: 3 won, 45 won
Process Offset
Designer: Jo Son Il
Quantity: 2/30,000 (Perf). 2/1.000 (Impert.)

Perforated    Perforated

2. Souvenir sheet Stock No. 4474
Size:80 x 57mm, 28 x 38.5 mm (stamp)
Denomination : 70 won
Designer Jo Son Il
Quantity 30.000 (Pert.), 1.000 (Imperf.)

3. Sheetlet
Stock No. 4475
Size: 114 x 86 mm, 28 x 38.5 mm (stamp)
Denomination: 130 won
Designer : Jo Son II
Quantity 30,000 (Perf.), 1.000 (Imperf.)

4. Stamp booklet
Stock No. :146
Size : 95 x 58 mm
Denomination: 248 won
Designer : Jo Son Il
Quantity :1,000 (Perf.), 500 (Imperf.)
   Without cover : 500 (Perf.), 500 (lmpcrf.)

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