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Feb. 16, 2007: Birthday of Leader Kim Jong Il.

A sheetlet and stamp were issued to celebrate the birthday of leader Kim Jong Il.

The writings and music score of "Song of General Kim Jong Il", which is a monumental masterpiece in the era and a revolutionary hymn on the tip of the whole people’s tongue, are depicted on the sheetlet against the background of Mt. Paektu,. sacred motintain of the Korean revoluition.

The song, with solemn yet jubiliant poetic and musical descriptive means:, perfectly tells of the immortal exploits and matchless greatness of leader Kim Jong II. the sun of 21st century. who is brilliantly inheriting the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by President Kim II Sung to turn our country into the independent socialist powerful nation with the Songun revolutionary leadership who is steering the boat of the independent cause of humankind.

Technical Details:

1. Stamp.

Date of Issue February 16, Juche 96(2007)
Stock No.: 4476
Size: 45 x 36mm
Dcnomination: 3 Won
Process: Offset
Designer: Choe Choi Man
Quantity: 30,000 (Perf.), (1,000 (Imperf.)
The stamp shows Kimjongilia, immortal flower.

2. Sheetlet.

Stock No.: 4477
Size: 170x 100mm. 36 x 57mm(stamp)
Denomination: 4 stamps: 12 won, 70 won, 100 won, 140 won=322 won
Designer: Choe Choi Man
Quantity: 30,000 (Perf.), (1,000 (Imperf.)

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