Title: The Centennial of the National Debt Repayment Movement 
Stamp Serial#
2242 ssm 
Date of Issue
250 won 
Patriotism Shown with Finger Ring 
Roh Jung-hwa 
Image Area
23mm x 33mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 5 
White Unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, five colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
"History throughout the ages has revealed: if the people of a nation are loyal and esteem justice, the nation thrives and its people live in peace. But in contrast, if a nation's people are disloyal and unjust, the nation collapses...." (an abstract from the statement on the "intent of national debt repayment movement" published in 1907).

In February 1907 in Daegu, under the leadership of Kim Kwang-Je and Seo Sang-Don, the National Debt Repayment Movement kicked off to regain national sovereignty by repaying 1.3 million KRW in Korea's national debt imposed by Japan in an effort to colonize Korea. The appeal for patriotism called for 20 million Korean people to give up tobacco for 3 months and use the money saved from this to defend the nation. The movement spread quickly across the country to Jeolla Province and Hamkyeong province. From women who sold their rings and ornamental hairpins, to senior citizens who couldn't move very well, young students and beggars, and to Korean students studying abroad, the entire nation participated in this national movement. A poignant wave of love for nation transcended the distinction of social status, age and gender to flood the entire Korean peninsula. Though this Movement didn't succeed due to Japan's interferences and trickery, it showed the Korean people's latent ability to become united at times of hardship. This Movement was the very spiritual base on which the whole Korean people could be united once again in the form of "Gold-Collection Movement" during the 1997 IMF financial crisis.

Commemorating our ancestors' patriotism 100 years ago, a new stamp will be issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Debt Repayment Movement.