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March 10, 2007: World Heritage Series(2nd issue).
   (1st issue) was issued Nov. 4, 2006.

Anak Tomb No. 3, otherwise called the tomb of King Kogukwon, is a mural tomb of Koguryo made in late 4th centuty.

The tomb which reminds the viewers of the underground palace is a world-famous relic representing the eastern civilization. It also, demonstrates the mighl and cultural development of Koguryo.

It has the painting of hunman manners on the wall and the side room.

Technical Details

1. Sheetlet:
Stock No. 4482
Size: 135 x 110mm, 60 x 42 mm (stamp), 30 x 42mm(stamp) Denomination: 363 won
   3 won stamp (sheetlet): Stable
   70 won stamp (sheetlet): Well
   130 won stamp (sheetlet): Milling ground
   160 woti stamp (sheetlet): Horn bugle.
Designer: An Chol
Quantity: 30,000 (Perf.), 1,000 (Imperf)

2. Stamp booklet
Stock No.: 148
Size : 90 x 60 mm
Denomination: 380 won
Designer : An Chol
Quantity 1,000 (Perf.), 500 (Imperf.)
  Without cover: 500 (Perf.), 500 (Imperf.)

3. Entire (Post Card)
Stock No. : 342
Size: 162 x 114mm
Denomination: 130 won
Designer: An Chol
Quantity: 1,.000

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