Title: A Wholesome Internet Culture Special 
Stamp Serial#
2252 ssm 
Date of Issue
250 won 
"The Internet Culture that Unites the World into One" 
2007-Grand Prize
Choi, Mi-yeon 
Kim, Soe-jung 
Image Area
26mm X 36mm 
Sheet Composition
5 X 4 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Offset, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation  
In the modern age, the Internet has evolved into an alternative living space. Through the Internet, people do not merely acquire information but also share it with other people. Through e-mail, people can communicate with those on the opposite side of the world. For all of us - students, office workers, housewives, etc. - the Internet has now become an indispensable part of our lives.

However, as the Internet's usage increasingly saturate our society, its range of adverse consequences are creating such social problems as wonton defamation brought about by anonymous, irresponsible abuse of the freedom accorded by the Internet, invasion of privacy, circulation of illegal and harmful information such as pornography, violent contents, etc.

The Internet environment requires a sense of ethics by the users. People need to perceive the Internet as an important alternative space of living that requires understanding and consideration of the feelings of others. To create a wholesome Internet culture, our society has been instituting a range of measures such as establishing the "Information and Communication Ethics Code," providing training related to this Code, providing software to block obscene, spam mail, etc. If such efforts are carried out with a sense of ethics by each individual netizen who use the Internet, a beautiful and sound culture of Internet can be created.

The new stamps issued under the heading of "A Wholesome Internet Culture Special" feature works that received prizes in the youth category of the 2007 International Postage Stamp Design Contest: the "Grand Prix" work by Choi Mi-Yeon titled "The Internet Culture that Unites the World into One" and the "Award of Excellence" work by Daren Kaye C. Aquino from the Philippines titled "The Internet Culture that Brightens Up the Future." The unique feature of these new stamps is that inserted with "hidden letters," they provide the enjoyment of finding where these letters are hidden. '