As reported by DPRK's Stamp Information Card.

May 10, 2007: Prevention of the Bird Flu.

Bird flu is an acute influenza generated among the poultiy by H5N1, A-type influenza virus.

It is generally known that the avian flu spreads by the contact among the birds and domestic fowls hut in recent years if the person has the direct contact with that deadly virus, he is sure to be dead.

According to data available, the dead and the infected had almost directly contacted with the poultry.

The stamp shows the public health person engaged in preventing the bird flu.

The strict measures are being taken in the DPRK to ward off the avian flu.

Technical Details

1. Stamp:
Stock No. 4489
Size: 45 x 33mm
Denomination: 85 won
Process: Offset
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Quantity: 30,000 (Perf.), 1,000 (Imperf.)

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