Title: My Own Stamp 
Stamp Serial#
2281 ssm 
Date of Issue
250 won 
MO, Ji-won 
Image Area
Stamp 21mm x 27mm,
Photo 30mm x 30mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 5 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, five colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
With the launching of the new government (February 25, 2008), Korea Post, which was formerly a part of the Ministry of Information and Communication, was placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy. To mark this change in the stamp-issuing institution, My Own Stamps in new designs are issued. A total of 4 different My Own Stamps are newly introduced, in a new sheet form composed of only 3 stamps.

The "rose" stamp that features two charming roses will be comprised of twenty stamps and of 20 photos or images the customer requests, providing a perfect way of sending, through this pink rose stamp, your message of congratulations, gratitude or love.

Just a glance at the "forest path" stamp will make you feel close to nature as it features the intimate scenery of a "street lined by meta sequoia trees" located in Damyang, which was chosen as the most beautiful street in Korea. This stamp expresses the wish for health and prosperity amidst green nature. This "forest path" stamp will be composed of 14 stamps, 14 photographs requested by the customer, with the large image the customer desires being placed at the center of the stamp.

Both the "love" stamp that features a heart shape made by two hands as well as the "sun and moon" stamp that features the sun and moon smiling brightly convey love and friendship that never change. These two designs will be issued in a more simplified form of a sheet that is composed of 3 stamps, 3 photographs requested by the customer, with the larger image the customer desires placed on the left side of the stamp.