Title:  Centennial of the Korean Language Society
Stamp Serial#
2289 ssm 
Date of Issue
250 won 
"Hannara Mal" written by Ju Sigyeong 
Shin Jae-yong 
Image Area
50mm x 22mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 5 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
"Its language defines a country. If its language ascends, the country also rises and if its language descends, the country plummets. Therefore, all nations must take particular care in maintaining and upgrading their languages. The alphabet is the database that delineates a language: Only when the alphabet assumes a good posture without waning and endures firmly, can it preserve the language" - quote from -Hannara Mal- written by Ju Sigyeong.

On August 31, 1908, Hangeul Hakhoe (The Korean Language Society) was established by Ju Sigyeong and others to systematically study our language and alphabet to counter the decline of Daehan Jeguk's (Korean Empire) national prestige. Hangeul Hakhoe was at the time called Gugeoyeongu Hak-hoe (Korean language Research Society) and later changed to "Baedal Malgeul-modeum," "Hangeulmo," "Joseoneo Yeongu-hoe," "Joseoneo Hakhoe" and finally into today's Hangeul Hakhoe.

Over the past 100 years, Hangeul Hakhoe has diligently strived to safeguard, study, and disseminate the Korean language and alphabet. It established the "Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) Day" in 1926. In the 1930s, it established "Hangeul orthography" and foreign language orthography, deliberated on and systemized the standard Korean language, based on which, [Keunsajeon], our people's first large-scale dictionary, was compiled and published. During such efforts, the members of the Hangeul Hakhoe were jailed, tortured, and even killed in prison by Japanese colonial rulers. Immediately after the restoration of Korea's independence from Japanese colonial rule, Hangeul Hakhoe exerted special efforts to nurture Korean language teachers, compile school textbooks, and exorcise the remnants of the Japanese language. Afterwards, it steadily conducted activities designed to sustain policies to uphold the Korean language and alphabet and to use our language and alphabet correctly.

A new stamp is issued, commemorating these accomplishments of Hangeul Hakhoe over the past 100 years. The organization has consistently been committed to safeguarding and cultivating our language and alphabet - the very spirit and symbol of the Korean people. The new stamp features the work of calligrapher Seo Huihwan who quoted and wrote parts of -Hannara Mal- written by Ju Sigyeong.