Title:  Korean Film Series (3rd Issue).
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
560,000 ea.
250 won 
A Road to Sampo,
Never Never Forget Me,
Yalkae, A Joker In High School,
Chilsu and Mansu
Image Area
40mm X 30mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 4  
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Offset, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Comprising the 3rd installment of the Korean Film Series, four movies produced in the 1970s and 1980s are introduced.

A Road to Sampo
This is a road movie where Yeongdal, a young laborer who roams working at one construction site after another; Mr. Jeong, recently discharged from prison and now headed to Sampo, his hometown; and Baekhwa, a waitress running away from a restaurant in town, happen to travel together and reminisce on their pasts. As a posthumous work of director Lee Man Hee, this movie, made from Hwang Seok Yeoung's novel "A Road to Sampo," is notable for the director's warm outlook of these estranged characters. The actors include Baek Il Seop, Kim Jin Kyu, Moon Suk, etc. It was produced in 1975 by Yeonbang Film Co. Ltd.

Never Never Forget Me
Yeongsu and Jeong-a are high-school students who happen to meet on a train by which they go to school, and fall in love. Coming back from ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) training, Yeongsu hears that Jeong-a died of malignant pneumonia and decides to deeply cherish his memory of her. This movie that launched the careers of the 1970s' high-teen stars of Lim Ye Jin and Lee Deok Hwa was directed by Moon Yeo Song and produced in 1976 by Donga Export Co. Ltd.

Yalkae, A Joker In High School
Na Du Su, a trouble-making flunkout who is always playing mischievous pranks on his teachers and friends, comes to learn that a friend he often makes fun of was in financial difficulties and decides to help him secretly. As the work that stirred the great sensation of the 1970s' Yalkae series, this movie depicted high school life that all might have once experienced in comical and cheerful ways. The actors - Lee Seung Hyeon, Kim Jeong Hun, and Kang Ju Hee - were high school student actors and icons of teens at that time. It was directed by Seok Rae Myeong and produced in 1976 by Yeonbang Film Co. Ltd.

Chilsu and Mansu
One day, after finishing their work on a rooftop, Chilsu and Mansu, who make their living by painting advertisement signboards on rooftops -- a space cut off from the world --, drink booze and sing, yelling out to the world that forces them to live a weary life. This action is misunderstood as a prelude to committing suicide by jumping down from the roof and creates a ruckus. In the end, the two fail to communicate with the world and face a tragic ending. Produced by director Park Kwang Su, the movie featured actors Ahn Seong Ki, Park Jung Hun, etc. It was produced in 1988 by Donga Export Co. Ltd.