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Saturday, March 12, 2011

2010 Korean Postage Stamps Yearbook

2010 stamp yearbook as it appears on K-stamp website

Today's post features the other gift I received from my friend Eun-ju in Korea for my birthday, which was yesterday. This is the first postage stamp yearbook I have held in my hands and these are beautiful! This stamp yearbook was issued on 18 February 2011 and comes in hardcover with a matching slip case. On the inside there are descriptions in both English and Korean of every stamp issued in 2010 and the actual stamps are also mounted within the book. If interested in taking a peek at this yearbook check out:

I really like these yearbooks. Prior to receiving this one as a birthday gift I was contemplating getting one every year for my daughter starting with 2009 (the year she was born), so that she can learn about Korean culture through stamps when she gets older. After reading through the 2010 yearbook I'm convinced that adding one to my collection each year is the way to I just have to go out and pick up the 2009 issue!

This was a really wonderful birthday gift! Thank you Eun-ju!!

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