Title:  Visit Korea Year Special Stamps .

Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
750,000 ea.
250 won ea. 
Saekdong, the smiling face that greets guests.
Taegeukmaji that utilizes Taegukgi, the national flag of Korea
No, Jung-wha 
Image Area
36mm x 26mm 
Sheet Composition
5 x 4 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Korea, where tranquility and dynamism co-exist and tradition encounters modernity. On the occasion of "2010~2012 Visit Korea Year," Korea invites the world to Korea.

Traditional farmers' folk bands and modern B-boys mingle to conduct electrifying performances. Seoul's bustling downtown showcases ancient palaces, underscoring the hundreds of history. Both the flashpoint of confrontation between South Korea and North Korea, the world's only divided country, as well as the symbol of peace, the DMZ is being put under a new light as a site where one can not only experience Korea's tragic history, but also be dazzled by the ecological tourist destination left intact over the 50 years.

In Slow City Jeju Island, trekking Jeju Olle (a Jeju dialect meaning the walkway leading to one's house from the road) is attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Every October, against the windswept sea of Busan (Pusan), the Pusan International Film Festival unfolds. Visit sites where one can directly experience the genuine taste of Korean food that are being spotlighted as healthy slow food, such as Kimchi and fermented soybean products which maintain the thousands of years of fermentation knowledge, as well as bibimbap and bulgogi. The eyes and palates of all visitors will be gratified by all the wonders of Korea.

The grand prize winning piece (Yongsoon NA's Saekdongeolgul) and Award of Excellence piece (Jaekuk JUNG's Taegeukmaji) under the theme of general category -- "Visit Korea Year"-- of the 2010 International Postage Stamp Design Contest are issued as stamps. Saekdongeolgul expresses, using Korea's unique pattern, Saekdong, the smiling face that greets guests. Taegeukmaji that utilizes Taegukgi, the national flag of Korea, as a motive, expresses two figures, one dressed in Hanbok, traditional Korean attire, and the other in modern clothing, with raised hands in extending a warm welcome to his guests.