Title:  Centennial of Seoul National University of Technology & Jinju National University Commemorative Stamps
6 l  
Stamp Serial#
& 2331 
Date of Issue
800,000 ea.
250 won ea. 
School front gate of Seoul National University of Technology,
School front gate of Jinju National University.
Shin, Jae-yong 
Image Area
50mmx22mm, 25mmx44mm 
Sheet Composition
2 x 4, 4 x 2 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
2010 marks the centennial of the establishment of Seoul National University of Technology and Jinju National University.

Seoul National University of Technology was established on April 15, 1910 at what is now Hyojedong, Jongno-gu under the name of "Public Eouidong Industrial Continuation School", according to Notification No. 3 of Hanseong Bu (Hanseong Municipal Government). Its name was changed several times until it built its nest on the current campus located in Gongneung-dong. In 1988, it changed its name to the current "Seoul National University of Technology." As the cradle of Korea's education on technology, it has produced 80,000 graduates so far and continues to nurture professional manpower in applied sciences and related practical studies such as engineering, life sciences, formative arts, humanities & social sciences.

Jinju National University opened on April 30, 1910 at Bukpyeon, Jinjuseong (what is now Jungang-dong, Jinju city) under the name of "Jinju Public Technical School." In 1931, its campus was relocated to the current site at Chilam-dong. After Jinju Public Agricultural School, Jinju High School of Agriculture and Forestry and Jinju Junior College of Agriculture and Forestry, it was promoted as Jinju National University in 1993. Having pioneered Korea's developments in agriculture during the past 100 years, it has nurtured skilled manpower numbering more than 50,000 in the areas of life sciences, engineering, humanities & social sciences, as well as various other fields.

Recollecting the path the two universities have followed during the past 100 years and fully anticipating the seamless continuation of their efforts at nurturing the professional manpower and global talents needed by 21st century Korea, commemorative stamps are issued.