Title:  The 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemorative Stamp.
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
1,400,000 stamps
250 won ea. 
Ceasefire line and Butterfly
Shin, Jaeyong 
Image Area
36mm x 26mm 
Sheet Composition
5 x 4 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
In the year 1950, the Korean peninsula was a land of misery, filled with gunfire, a land of the heartache of having to experience, amidst the war, the passing away of loving family members, brothers and friends. Now, 60 years later, the Republic of Korea has achieved astonishing development to the world's amazement. Amidst peace and abundance, could it be conjectured that the tragic history suffered by our grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers and mothers has largely been forgotten?

The 6.25 War took the precious lives of hundreds of thousands of people, making Korea a land where everything was in ruins. The war left behind a disastrous legacy where people of the same blood aimed muzzles against each other, producing 10 million dispersed families who, living separately in north and south of the peninsula, cannot even communicate. Having been separated from families and relatives who live so close at hand for 57 years since the ceasefire, the dispersed families, standing at the end of the journey of their lives, long to meet their families before they die.

On the 60th anniversary of the 6.25 War, we shall remember, setting aside grandiose political ideologies, this fact: we are living in the fatherland that has been preserved at the cost of so many lives and for the sake of freedom 60 years ago.

The commemorative stamp features one butterfly that flutters peacefully over the barbed wires of the ceasefire line. Looking at the butterfly that flutters about freely, it is hoped that the day of such peace will eventually come to the Korean peninsula.