Stamp Issuance Program

My Own Stamp

On December 1, 2010, “My Own Stamp” in a new silhouette is issued.

Unlike the existing “My Own Stamp” where the photo or the image desired by the customer is inserted on the side of the stamp, the newly issued “My Own Stamp” will be an all-in-one (frame) type where customer’s image can be inserted directly into a section of stamp’s printed portion -- the section where the country name Korea and face value are displayed. The stamp sheet come in 3 different types: the “basic type” comprising 20 stamps; “sheet type” composed of 6 stamps and the larger image the customer desires; and the “PR type” composed of 14 stamps and a larger image the customer wants placed in the middle of the concerned sheet. Each of these 3 types will be printed in 3 different colors of light green, blue and pink, bringing the total number of newly issued sheets to nine. Sales price of these sheets will be 9,500 KRW for the basic type, 8,000 KRW for the PR type, and 5,500 KRW for the sheet type. Beginning from 11th sheet, the sales price will be discounted on a pro-rata basis.

The newly issued “My Own Stamp” provides the thrilling experience of having one’s own photo issued as a stamp that can be utilized in wedding invitations for newlyweds, first-birthday parties as well as other special occasions. How about crafting a one-of-a-kind in the world “My Own Stamp” that contains your face or your family? 

My Own Stamp
Title My Own Stamp
Types 3 3 3
Date of Issue December 1, 2010
Quantity 200,000 stamps each 140,000 stamps each 60,000 stamps each
Denomination 250 won
Price of a sheet
9,500 won
Price of a sheet
8,000 won
Price of a sheet
5,500 won
Design Frame (basic type) Frame (sheet type) Frame (PR type)
light green, blue, pink light green, blue, pink light green, blue, pink
Stamp No. 2771 ~ 2773 2774 ~ 2776 2771 ~ 2773
Printing Process
and Colors
Photogravure, four colors
Size of Stamp 40mmx30mm 34.5mmx36mm 40mmx30mm
Size of Photo 27mmx23mm 27mmx23mm 27mmx23mm
Perforation 13
Sheet Composition 4 x 5
(223mm x 158mm)
14 stamps
1 PR image
(197mm x 180mm)
6 stamps
1 PR image
(219mm x 135mm)
Paper White Unwatermarked
Designer Junghwa ROH
Printer Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, KOVIX