Title:  Definitive Stamps (270, 360, & 1,770 won) .

Stamp Serial#
2193; 2197A; 2200 
Date of Issue
270 won
360 won
1,770 won  
250w="Korean Flag",
360w= "Sea Shell (Charonia sauliae)"
1,770w="Ceramic Vase"
270w=Kim, So-jeong
360w=Paek, Un-kyong
1,770=Moe, Ji-won 
Image Area
270w=22mm x 19mm
360w=22mm x 19mm
1,770w=26mm x 36mm 
Sheet Composition
270w=2 x 10
360w=10 x 10
1,770w=5 x 10 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
All three stamps=
Photogravure, five colors. 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
As the postal rates are adjusted starting from October 1, 2011, 270 KRW stamps for standard letter mail (from over 5g up to 25g) and 360 KRW stamps for non-standard letter mail (up to 50g) and 1,770 KRW stamps for registered mail (from 5g up to 25g) are newly issued.

The 270 KRW-stamp for standard letter mail, expected to be most commonly used, features Taegueki (the national flag of Korea). For the convenience of postal customers, this stamp is issued as a self-adhesive stamp, with a sheet comprising 20 stamps.

The 360 KRW-stamp for non-standard letter mail features Charonia sauliae. Boasting striking appearance and colors, the fully matured seashell can grow as long as 30 cm. It has been actually used as a Nagak?horn. This is why it was named Napalgodung (Napal stands for horn). Having been designated as an endangered species, its numbers are decreasing due to environmental pollution and over gathering. Its primary habitat is off the coast of Jeju Island.

The 1,770 KRW-stamp for registered mail features Long-necked Jar with Clay Figurines, which displays clay dolls such as frogs, birds, tortoises, persons, rabbits, snakes, etc. These clay dolls are said to represent production, abundance, exorcism, etc. Though simple, these clay dolls display excellent artistic value, the religion of the times, and abundant expressions of emotions. A 34-cm high Long-necked Jar with Clay Figurines excavated from an area adjacent to King Michu's tomb in Gyeongju was designated as National Treasure No. 195, and is housed in the Gyeongju National Museum. To prevent any possible counterfeit or forgery, this 1,770 KRW-stamp features minute letters and printing in optically variable ink: the letter "KOREA" are printed in optically variable ink onto the left of the stamp; and " KOREA POST" is inserted in minute letters at the bottom of the image of Long-necked Jar with Clay Figurines.