Published: June 27, 2011 2011_2012 KPC-Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue


During my limited experience, 1991-To date, The Korean Philatelic Company(Co.), Limited(Ltd.) has annually published the "KPC".

This year's edition, according to the rear-inside opposite page, was published June 27, 2011.
See last page of 2011_2012-KPC

Cost: 30,000Won; US$ 30.00.
Postage: US$ 6.00-Sea Mail.
US$ 8.00 Air Mail.

Mail address:
Korean Philatelic Co., Ltd.
Rm. 102 Sedae B/D,
11-3 Hoihyun-dong 3-Ga,
Seoul 100-053,
S. Korea

Telephone: Voice:(From US) 011-82-2-757-7756
or 754-2414

Fax:(From US)011-82-2-752-9696

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