Title:  Memorable Figures Series Stamps (1st Issue)
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
810,000 ea.
Korea's 1st
"Forever stamp" 
Jang Hyo-Jo, Choi Dong-Won 
Roh, Jung-hwa 
Image Area
36mm x 26mm 
Sheet Composition
4 x 4 + 2 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
To look back on the heroes of our time who inspire us to cheer excitedly and provide momentum to the happiness and richness of our lives, "The Memorable Figures Series Stamps" is launched. To be introduced in its first installment are the two late heroes of Korean baseball, Choi Dong-Won and Jang Hyo-Jo, who left us in September 2011 one by one.

Jang Hyo-Jo is the athlete boasting the best "aggregate batting average" of 0.331 throughout the history of Korean baseball, which remains unchallenged and unbroken up to now. Having spent his childhood in Daegu, he enjoyed his heyday from his high-school days. In 1980, he was selected as MVP of the Amateur World Series (predecessor of the Baseball World Cup). In its 1982 game, he batted at No. 4 and led the Korean team to a victory. After joining Samsung Lions in 1983, he became a fierce hitter that could well hit even the then best pitchers like Choi Dong-Won and Seon Dong-Yeol, coining a new phrase that "if Jang Hyo-Jo doesn’t hit it, it is because it is a ball." It was his diligent regimen of practice and strong will that honed his batting prowess which was like an art where he could hit the ball as far as he wanted in the direction of his choice. Jang Hyo-Jo, the genius of batting, for whom "life was none other than baseball," will be remembered forever as the King of Batting in the Korean baseball.

Choi Dong-Won is the main hero of the 1984 "Korean Series" which is referred to as "the miracle of the autumn" among baseball fans. Born in 1958 in Busan, Choi Dong-Won gained fame as the best pitcher even as a high school player, leading to him becoming the role model of a comic book series. When professional baseball was launched in Korea in 1982, he joined the Lotte Giants team in 1983. In the 1984 "Korean Series," Lotte Giants which came to compete against Samsung Lions, the overwhelming favorite, could rely on the talents of the best pitcher Choi Dong-Won. This iron-armed athlete led his team to a dramatic victory by taking the mound in 5 out of total 7 games, thus unfolding the fighting spirit that goes beyond the limits of human strength. Recording the legendary record of four wins and one loss, he brought Korean baseball fans unforgettable memories.

This “Memorable Figures Series Stamps” are issued in the form of non-denominated postage stamp called "Yeong-won (permanent or everlasting) stamp." This stamp may be used perpetually with a permanently fixed value as the postal charges for domestic letter post, on any future date when the stamp is actually used (out of the "postal charges for letter post," the "postal charges" applied on the standard mails which weigh from over 5g to under 25g) regardless of any hike in postal charges. Featured in the stamp is "영원우표 국제규격25g" meaning the "Yeong-won stamp, standard mail within Korea up to 25g".