Stamp Issuance Program

Definitive Postage Stamps


Due to postal charge adjustments commencing August 1, 2013, the price modifications will be as follows: 270 KRW stamp for ordinary postcards (up to 5g), 300 KRW stamp for standard letter mail base rate (from over 5g up to 25g), 390 KRW stamp for non-standard letter mail (up to 50g), and 1,930 KRW stamp for registered mail (from over 5g up to 25g) will be newly issued on November 11, 2013.

Issued in a total of 9 different designs, the 300 KRW stamp for standard letter mail will feature “Sungnyemun Gate,” the no.1 national treasure, “Suwon Hwaseong Fortress” which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “Haeundae Dongbaek Island” with its unsurpassed beauty, dense with camellias and pine trees. “Dodamsambong Peaks,” regarded as the most picturesque among the Danyangpalgyeong (the 8 famous spots in Danyang), “Hongdo Island” which boasts of its own natural scenic beauty, “Cheomseongdae Observatory of Gyeongju,” the oldest astronomical observatory in the East, “Gwanghallu Pavilion of Namwon,” well known as the setting for Chunhyangjeon story, “Gyeongpodae Pavilion of Gangneung,” a beautiful pavilion located around the Gyeongpo Lake, and “Baengnokdam Lake of Mt. Halla” which is the highest spot in South Korea.

The 390 KRW stamp for non-standard letter mail will continue to use the existing “Charonia sauliae seashell” design, however, their background color will change from jade green to azure. The 1,930 KRW stamp for registered mail will also continue to use the existing “Long-necked Jar with Clay Figurines” design, with only their background color changing from green to navy.

Title Definitive Postage Stamps
300 KRW 390 KRW 1,930 KRW
Types 9 1 1
Date of Issue November 11, 2013
Quantity 500,000 stamps each One million stamps One million stamps
Continue to be issued as required
Denomination 300 won 390 won 1,930 won
Design 300 KRW (Sungnyemun Gate, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Haeundae Dongbaek Island, Dodamsambong Peaks, Hongdo Island, Cheomseongdae Observatory of Gyeongju, Gwanghallu Pavilion of Namwon, Gyeongpodae Pavilion of Gangneung, Baengnokdam Lake of Mt. Halla), 390 KRW (Charonia sauliae seashell), 1,930 KRW (Long-necked Jar with Clay Figurines)
Stamp No. 2940 ~ 2948 2949 2950
KPC No. 458 ~ 466 467 468
Scott No. LSN=2191a-i LSN=2193A LSN=2197B
Printing Process
and Colors
Photogravure, six colors Photogravure, five colors Photogravure, six colors
(OVI, minute letters)
Size of Stamp 25mm × 22mm 25mm × 22mm 26mm × 36mm
Image Area 25mm × 22mm 22mm × 19mm 26mm × 36mm
Perforation 13
Sheet Composition 9 × 10
(255mm x 242mm)
10 × 10
(242mm x 280mm)
10 × 5
(216mm x 280mm)
Paper White Un-watermarked
Designer ROH Junghwa, PARK Eunkyung PARK Eunkyung MO Jiwon
Printer Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation
Korea Postal Service Agency