Title:  International Congress of Mathematicians Seoul 2014 Commemorative Stamps

Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
334,000 stamps each.
300 won, 540 won 
Pythagorean Theorem, Euler’s theorem giving necessary and sufficient
conditions of a graph having an Eulerian tour,
Pascal’s Triangle 
Shin, Jae-yong? 
Image Area
36mm × 34.5mm  
Sheet Composition
5 x 3  
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Photogravure, six colors (OVI) 
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
The film "A Beautiful Mind" is based on the life of mathematical genius John Nash, the Nobel Laureate in Economics who suffered from schizophrenia. John Nash delivered a public lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2002. During this International Congress, also known as the "Olympics" for mathematicians, prominent mathematicians, the world over, gather to evaluate recent significant mathematical achievements and to lead lectures and discussions on the different areas of mathematics. In addition, major mathematical problems are sometimes laid out for the next century. During one such congress in Paris in 1900, German mathematician, David Hilbert outlined 23 mathematical problems which mapped the direction for the study of mathematics in the 20th century. First convened in Zurich in 1897, the International Congress of Mathematicians is held every four years under the auspices of the International Mathematical Union. One highlight during the opening ceremony of the congress is the awarding of the Fields Medal, designed to honour mathematicians under 40 years of age who have accomplished a remarkable mathematical achievement. Often described as the "Nobel Prize of Mathematics," the Fields Medal is viewed as the greatest honour for mathematicians. The chosen candidates are not announced right up until the congress, which attracts world-wide attention. The International Congress of Mathematicians Seoul 2014 will take place in COEX, Seoul from August 13 to 21, 2014, under the theme, "Dreams and Hopes for Late Starters". With the aid of the International Mathematical Union, Korea, which had previously experienced hard times, was first able to participate in the International Congress of Mathematicians. Now, as the host country the Seoul congress will also provide travel grants for mathematicians from developing countries. It is anticipated that the congress, in which 5,000 mathematicians from around 100 countries are expected to attend, will provide an opportunity for the general public including the youth of Korea to enjoy mathematics with world class mathematicians and to take a more active interest in basic science.

"All is number," Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician said. It is therefore hoped that the International Congress of Mathematicians will draw attention to the value of mathematics, which has contributed to human civilization. The commemorative stamps featuring "Pythagorean Theorem," Euler's theorem giving necessary and sufficient conditions of a graph having an Eulerian tour," and "Pascal's Triangle" are all issued.