Title:  2015 New Year's Greeting Stamps
( View Souvenir Sheet)

Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
275,000 stamps each
(S/S 89,000 sheets).
300 won.
The Happy World,
The Year of Humorous Sheep,
The Prosperous 2015,
A Sheep Delivering Letters 
Original Painting
KOO Gyeong-tae,
YANG Hyo-jin,
HONG Sang-hee,
CHO Eun-beom 
Park, Eun-kyung 
Image Area
26.8mm x 36.5mm 
Sheet Composition
4 X 5 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Offset, six colors. 
POSA (Cartor Security Printing) 
The year 2015 is the eulmi year of the sheep.

The sheep eats grass and is the meekest and gentlest of all the 12 animals of the zodiac. The sheep often represents peace because it never fights, despite living in flocks. It is also widely believed that the sheep shows filial piety since a lamb kneels down when it takes milk from the mother ewe. The Chinese characters that derive from the character "sheep: 羊" have many positive meanings such as "good: 善", "beautiful: 美", and "righteous: 義". A dream about sheep is believed to be auspicious. King Taejo, born Yi Seong-gye, reportedly founded the Joseon Dynasty after having a dream about sheep.

The winners of the 19th International Postage Stamp Design Contest showed their hopes for the new year with images of sheep. "The Happy World" by KOO Gyeong-tae, the Grand Prize-winning design in the Youth Category, depicts a beaming sheep with an assembly of colorful, pretty houses. "The Year of Humorous Sheep" by YANG Hyo-jin, the Gold Prize-winner in the same category, portrays a witty, cheerful sheep with circular, light brush strokes. "The Prosperous 2015" by HONG Sang-hee, the Grand Prize-winner in the General Category, hopes for a prosperous new year with a sheep filled with beautiful flowers. "A Sheep Delivering Letters" by CHO Eun-beom, the Gold Prize-winning design in the same category, illustrates a sheep shaped like cloud delivering mail full of joyful news to every house.

How about sending your wish for a new year of happiness and joy in 2015 to your loved ones with stamps of the sheep, a symbol of peace and meekness?