Title:  The 70th Anniversary of National Liberation
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Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
510,000 stamps each
(S/S 150,000 sheets).
"Forever" for
Domestic mail.
Mo, Ji-won 
Image Area
46mm × 29mm< 
Sheet Composition
2 × 4 + 4 
White unwatermarked
Self adhesive 
Printing process
and colors
Offset, Four colors + UV lacquer 
Royal Joh Enschede 
The Emblem of the 70th Anniversary of National Liberation 2015 is a meaningful year in that it marks the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese occupation and plunder.

To commemorate the significance of Korea's independence achieved 70 years ago in 1945, Korea Post and the Committee for the 70th Anniversary of Korean Liberation are issuing two special commemorative stamps. This postage stamp, depicting the time of liberation in 1945, features Kim Koo and the Taegeukgi (Korean national flag) bearing the signatures of the Korean Independence Army (KIA) to express the Koreans aspiration at the time for national liberation and freedom.

Kim Koo, the supreme commander of the KIA, manifested in the Proclamation of the Korean Independence Army his determination to independently achieve national independence and liberation of the Korean people. Some 70 members of the KIA signed and wrote words reflecting their aspiration for national independence on a Taegeukgi. Today, this special flag is a reminder of their strong desire for freedom, joy of liberation, aspiration for complete national independence, and their patriotism.

Issued to celebrate the 70 years since liberation, the other commemorative stamp bears the words, Great Journey, Stepping Forward, and a symbolic logo. Great Journey refers to the history of the Republic of Korea - the country that attained both economic growth and democratization from the ruins of the war through the pure determination of its people. And, Stepping Forward represents the Korean people`s unanimous wish to make the country an advanced society and to lay the foundation for national unification. The logo is shaped as the number 70 to indicate the number of years since liberation. The color blue of the number 7 expresses the great journey Korea has taken and the spirit of a hopeful tomorrow.

The whirling taegeuk represents the limitless energy of the Korean people and the people s unanimous aspiration for national unification. Lastly, the shape of the sunrise over the horizon is a dynamic expression of anticipation for stepping forward.

The 70th anniversary of national liberation is more than just a chance to look back on the past; it is a starting point for a new proud journey and a leap into a brighter future. The self-adhesive stamps will be issued as Yeong-won stamp that can be used indefinitely for domestic letter post regardless of future postage increases.