Title:  World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 

Stamp Serial#
3084- 3087 
Date of Issue
1,000,000 stamps
"Forever" stamp;
domesic mail upto 25 g
Roh, Jung-hwa 
Image Area
41mm x 22.5mm 
14 x 14 
Sheet Composition
(2 x 4) x 2 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Offset, Four colors +
Scent 1 degree(Bamboo scent)
Cartor for POSA 
Korea Post will issue four commemorative stamps featuring bamboo to celebrate the World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 (hereinafter Bamboo Fair ), which will run from September 17 to October 31, 2015. It is the first international exposition about bamboo.

Bamboo has long been an essential part of life for the Korean people, not only as a material for household goods but also in many other respects including traditional culture and art. Bamboo is now increasingly recognized as the best tree to counter climate change and as a sustainable forest resource. To be held in and around Damyang Juknokwon and Jeonnam Provincial College in Jeollanam-do, the Bamboo Fair will introduce the past, present, and the future of bamboo under the banner of "Bamboo for a Greener Future."

The exposition will be largely divided into the Theme Experience Zone, the Theme Exhibition Zone, and the Educational Experience Zone. Starting from Juknokwon, the Theme Experience Zone will include The Five-senses Experience Center, which will feature the healing walking trail, an ecological experience; the Media Art Center, where tradition and modern technology meet; the Damyang Bamboo Center, which will introduce bamboo and Juknokwon of Damyang; and the Cultural Experience Center, which will showcase the works of Korean and foreign bamboo artists. In the Theme Exhibition Zone, visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the value, ecology, culture, industry, and future of bamboo. The Ecology and Culture Center will feature exhibits on the ecology and environment of bamboo as well as its influence on culture and our life, and the Future Growth Center will display works by distinguished bamboo artists, and show information on the industrial use of bamboo and the future of Damyang. In the Educational Experience Zone, visitors will be able to enjoy a bamboo show on a giant 3D multi-screen about the future of Damyang and bamboo. There will also be various programs offering hands-on bamboo art activities for younger visitors. To be held concurrently with the exposition, the 10th Congress of World Bamboo Organization will be a gathering of bamboo experts from all over the world to discuss the value and the use of bamboo.

We hope that the Bamboo Fair will be a resounding success that sheds light on the environmental, cultural, and industrial values of bamboo, and that it raises public awareness of the value of bamboo.