Title:  Mungyeong Korea-2015 6th CISM World Games 

Stamp Serial#
3090- 3093 
Date of Issue
250,000 stamps each
"Forever" stamp;
domesic mail upto 25 g
Mascots (Haeraon, Haeraoni),
Military Pentathlon (Obstacle Run),
Parachuting, Shooting
Image Area
40mm × 30mm 
13 x 13.25 
Sheet Composition
4 x 4 
White unwatermarked 
Printing process
and colors
Offset, Five colors +
Glossy Varnish
Cartor for POSA 
To strengthen friendship and solidarity among armed forces around the world through sport the Mungyeong Korea 2015 6th CISM World Games (hereinafter as Military World Games ) will be held from October 2 to 11, 2015, in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, and neighboring cities including Pohang, Gimcheon, Andong, Yeongju, Yeongcheon, Sangju, and Yecheon.

Approved by the United Nations and recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the Military World Games are the world’s third largest multi-sport event, joined by 133 CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) member countries. Aiming to contribute to world peace by uniting armed forces through sports, the Games are held every four years under the motto of the CISM, Friendship through Sport. The CISM, the organizer of the Games, was established in February, 1948, following World War II. South Korea became a member in 1957, and North Korea in 1993.  

Under the slogan of Friendship Together, Peace Forever, the 6th Military World Games will be held with participation of more than 8,000 athletes and officials from some 110 member countries. The athletes will compete in 24 sporting events including Taekwondo. Embodying a soldier ready to soar, the emblem of the games was inspired by Samjoko, an imaginary three-legged black bird who according to ancient Korean mythology lived inside the Sun. The two mascots, Haeraon and Haeraoni, respectively represent the soldier of the sun, ensuring peace, friendship, and harmony, and the friendly guardian angel of the festival who spreads happiness and love.

The 6th CISM World Games are more meaningful because they will be held in Korea, the only divided country in the world where the armed forces of the two nations still confront each other. The Games will help build trust and lasting peace throughout the world. To promote the Games, Korea Post and the 6th CISM World Games Organizing Committee are issuing commemorative postage stamps expressing the sportsmanship of servicemen and women.