Title: Folklore Series (4th Issue) 
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Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
5 won 
Girls celebrating full-moon 
Kang Choon-whan 
Image Area
Sheet Composition
Granite paper; unwatermarked
Government Printing & Mint Agency of the Repubic of Korea 
The Ministry of Communications will issue three new stamps as a final part of the folklore series for this year, respectively featuring one of the children`s popular game "Jeki Chaki", a manly and exciting sports of "Archery" and a romantic custom of "Meeting the Full Moon", traditionally in practice among the peasant folk in the country.

Korean Shuttlecock: The theme of a 4-Won stamp is "Jeki Chaki", an amusing play kicking up Jeki. The Jeki resembles a shuttlecock. Many pieces of paper tapes are wound around a flat and round iron piece, so that the ends of the tapes are extended through the hole in the center of the iron piece, forming a tuft. One kicks up the Jeki by using his foot and repeats kicking as it falls down until his kicking misses it. He who has more kickings is winner of the game. Children are frequently seen playing this game in alleys or open grounds.

Dalmaji: A 5-Won stamp depicts a scene of "Meeting the full Moon". On the first Full Moon`s Day in lunar January, all the village folks - young and old, men and women - are out on the top of the nearest hill to greet the first full moon of the year rising, carrying burning torches in their hands. Swinging the torches, they bow to the moon, praying for wish fulfillment. Customarily, the appearance of the moon is said to forecast the reap of the year. It is said that if the rising moon is tinted with reddish color, the year will see a disastrous drought and if it is of while tint, it is a foreboding of flood. If the moon leans toward the north, it is said that it is a sign of bumper crop in a mountainous district and the moon leaning toward the south foretells a bumper year for the seaside areas.

Archery: A 7-Won stamp has a design of archery. The archery has been practised from the time unknown and is still in practice, as one of the highly esteemed primary military arts. A wooden board about 3.6 meters high and 2.4 meter wide is put up at the distance of 145.4 meters and used as a target. When a bowman match is held, a group of entertainer girls sing and dance to every hit of the bull`s eye, inciting the courage and morale of the bowman. In ancient time, the national bowman match had been held in the presence of the King every March. this country, too, has had many bowman heroes with interesting legendary stories.