Title: Fable Series (4th Issue); 
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Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
10 won 
Woodcutter joining family in Heaven 
Chun Hee-han 
Image Area
Sheet Composition
Granite paper; unwatermarked
Government Printing & Mint Agency of the Repubic of Korea 
The Ministry of Communications will issue four different stamps on March 5 as a fourth part of the fable series, taking its themes from a tale of a wood-cutter and a fairy.

Once upon a time, a young wood-cutter lived lonely bereaved of his parents at the foot of the Mt. Kumgang. One day he went into a mountain to gather firewood and suddenly came across on a deer who was fleeing all in blood being chased after by a hunter. Out of pity, the young wood-cutter aided the deer to hide and saved him from becoming a victim of the ruthless hunter. The deer was very grateful and was anxious to return the benefaction the wood-cutter did to him. So, the deer told the lonely youth where he can find a beautiful wife.

The deer said, "There is a pond deep in the Mt. Kumgang where fairies of the heaven come down to take bath. Go there and take away and conceal the clothes because without clothes a fairy cannot return to her house in the heaven. You can take her for your wife but mind this, you never return the clothes until she bears three children to you." By doing exactly what was told, he could take a fairy as his wife. Their marriage was happy one and as times went on, two sons were born between them and the reckless youth began to heed the deer's warning less and less. So one day at his wife's importuning, the young wood-cutter gave back the clothers without much doubt and suspicion. To his sorrow and dismay, however, his wife had hardly put on the clothes than she took their two sons and flew away into the high sky. No one on the world could have ever been in greater and more painful sorrow than the young husband and he was nearing death day by day pining and missing for his dear wife and two sons, when the deer showed up again and comforted by saying, "Now that fairies never come down to the pond and instead they draw waters from the pond with water bucket and take their bath in the heaven, you had better get on the bucket and go up to the heaven yourself for reunion with your family." As taught he did and he could have a happy reunion with his family in the heaven.

The designs of the four stamps depict the four most impressive scenes from this tale.