Title: Councillor's Meeting, Asian Chapter of Postal, Telegraph and Telephone International (Post Office Trade Union Federation)(P.T.T.I.)
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10 won 
P.T.T.I. emblem and map of Far East 
Hong Won-sook 
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Granite paper; unwatermarked
Government Printing & Mint Agency of the Repubic of Korea 
A Councillors' Meeting of the Asian Chapter of the Postal, Telegraph and Telephone International (PTTI) is to be held in Korea for a week starting September 6. Delegates from 16 member countries and territories in Asia - in addition to the United States of America, Great Britain and Belgium - are expected to attend the conference.

Asian members to be represented are, besides the Republic of Korea, Australia, Burma, Ceylon, Fiji, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Okinawa, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Republic of China, Singapore and the Republic of Vietnam.

To be discussed at the meeting are a wide range of matters of mutual concern, including: (1) The strengthening of mutual ties of cooperation among the PTTI members in Asia (2) Mutual exchanges among the developing countries in Asia and. (3) Educational assistance to PTTI member countries and territories in Asia. The Postal,

Telegraph and Telephone International (PTTI), the establishment of which was agreed upon in Paris at an initation meeting of delegates from the communications labor unions of eight European countries in 1900, has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. In 1955, regional offices were set up in America, Africa and Asia.

The PTTI is composed of labor unions of postal, telecommunications and telephone workers throughout the world. A total of 154 labor unions from 84 countries and territories, boasting an aggregate total of more than 2,600,000 workers, have joined the PTTI as of now. Since its founding, the PTTI has strenuously contributed, through vigorous international activities, to the further cementing of mutual relations among member unions and to the promotion and enhancement of the rights and welfare of communications workers and their economic and social status. The national communications labor union of Korea was established in March 1958 and subsequently joined the PTTI in July the same year with its membership amounting to more than 21,000 persons, the Korean communications union has participated in various international conferences and seminars, making known in the international community the remarkable progress being made in Korea in the field of communications. It has also achieved brilliant educational accomplishments by dint of positive assistance from the PTTI.

In celebration of the opening of the international conference of communications labor unions, the first of its kind ever to be held in Korea, the Ministry of Communications releases this commemorative postage stamp.