Title : Definitive Postage Stamp for Family planning
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
20 won 
Sweet Home having only Two Children 
Chun, Hee Han 
Image Area
13 1/2*12 1/2 
Sheet Composition
White unwatermarked
Government Printing &Mint Agency of the Repubic of Korea 
About 130 per minute, or about 200,000 every day, or about 70,000,000-odd people every year, are added to the world's population of about 4 billion.

And if this rate of population growth goes on, the earth on which we live will have been saturated with more than 7 billion inhabitants, almost two times its present population, by 2,000 A.D. On such an assumption, all the countries of the world are exerting themselves to curb the population growth as much as possible.

The population density of Korea stands at 360 people per square kilometer, ranking third in the world family of nations. We would eventually lose the environment in which we can live, enjoying a decent qualiy of human life, if the world population keeps increasing by geometrical progression whereas all the resources for food, clothing, housing and education reserved for us are strictly limited. In order to live a decent life worthy of human beings, we should build a srong and wealthy counry which is a prerequisite for the building of a stabilized society. And a stable society can be realized only when every and all families live in happiness. Unless we achieve an affluent life and fullfil the parental duty of bringing up children, we can hardly expect to enjoy such a happy family life. Family planning is our pannational campaign under the slogan: "Daughter or Son; Stop at Two and Bing Them up well".

Only when this national campaign is carried out successfully, can the peace of not only each individual but also for the community, state and the entire world be brought about and maintained. Korea is now in a stage of transition from the status of a semi-advanced country up to that of an industrial country. We can never afford to have this effort of ours for becoming an advanced country hampered by such an old way of thinking as: "A living mouth never goes hungry; or, Babies are born with their food".

The Ministry of Communications is issuing this definitive postage stamp in the hope that all the people of our country positively take part in the nationwide movement and contribute to the building of a welfare state; fully understanding the importance of this campaign for family planning.