Title : Postage Stamp Commemorating 2600th Anniversary of Buddha's Birth 
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Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
20 won 
The Statue of Buddha in the Sokkulam Grotto 
Chun, Hee Han 
Image Area
Sheet Composition
White unwatermarked
Government Printing &Mint Agency of the Repubic of Korea 
The 2600th birthday of Buddha falls on this year of 1977,

Buddha was born on the eighth day of the fourth month by the lunar calendar 2600 years ago among the Sakyas, a tribe of the warrior(Kshartriya)caste. Legends say that his mother, Queen Maya of the Kingdom of Kapila, India, gave birth to Gautama Buddha in the Grove of Lumbini after having a dream of conception, in which she had seen a white elephant with six tusks.

At the age of 29, Prince Sakyamuni of the Kingdom of Kapila entered the priesthood, extremely skeptical about the birth, getting old and sick and then finally the death of human beings. It was under the sacred Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya that on the dawn of the eighth day of the 12th month by the lunar calendar, when Sakyamuni was 35 years old, he suddenly attained enlightenment at the sight of a twinkling star and became the Buddha, the saint of the world of desire-driven beings, the world of beings with form and the world of beings with out form. Thus, he established Buddhism.

It was in 372 A.D., the 2nd year of King Sosoorim of Kokuryo, that a king of Chin dispatched two monks, Soondo and Ado, to Kokuryo along with some sutras and images of Buddha. During the past 1600 year since its introduction into Korea, Buddhism has played and important role in the development of our national culture, at the same time boosting the spirit of self-dependence among our people. Thus, Buddhism has successfully played its role as one of the traditional religions of our country for the development of our fatherland, inheriting its glorious and eternal tradition. In recognition of the commendable contribution Buddhism has made to the promotion of prosperity and culture of our country , the government designated in1974 the birthday of Sakyamuni as a national holiday. This year, the Day of Buddha's Arrival will be celebrated in a number of events.

On the occasion of celebrating the 2600th anniversary of Buddha s birth, the Ministry of Communications is issuing a commemorative postage stamp in the hope that Buddhism will continue to contribute a great deal to the development of our national culture and to the prosperity of our nation; at the same time contributing to the building of a lasting peace for all mankind. The design of the stamp with be the statue of Buddha in the Sokkulam grotto, National Treasure No. 24 which is representative of the stone art of the Silla Dynasty renowned for its exquisiteness and grandeur. The statue was built in the eight century.