1990 South Korea Issue-Year Summary

As of December 31, 1990

1990 Stamps and Philatelic items by class/type


1. The Basic Postal-Rate of 80 Won (Commemorative Stamp denomination), increased to 100 Won with the issue of Stamp Nos. 1592-93, 04.21.90.

2. Stamp Nos. 1592-93, are a se-tenant pair. Topic: Science Series (5th Issue).

3. 92-98 Scott, does not list the Souvenir Sheet (S/S) issued for Stamp No. 1604, Sc# 1595. S/S contains 2 stamps; perforated.

4. Stamp Nos. 1612-15, are a se-tenant strip of 4. Topic: Korean Folkways Series (7th Issue).

5. All 1990 Collector Booklets, released by the Korean Philatelic Center, were of the Type 1-Souvenir Booklet format.

6. Commemorative Stamps, Nos. 1622-23, are classed as NEW YEAR/HOLIDAY stamps by Korea. The one S/S, contains one of each; perforated.

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