1994 South Korea Issue-Year Summary

As of December 31, 1994

1994 Stamps and Philatelic items by class/type


1. The Basic Postal-Rate of 110 Won (Commemorative Stamp denomination), increased to 130 Won in August 1994. Stamp Nos. 1770-72, 08.16.95, 94-PHILAKOREA, were the first issues inscribed with the new rate.

2. Authority (Official) Issued Stamp Booklets, Nos. 1753, 1765, 1770-72, and 1781-84 all contain 10-stamp panes of 3-side-perforated stamps.

3. All 1994 Collector Booklets, released by the Korean Philatelic Center, were of the Type 1-Souvenir Booklet format.

4. Stamp Nos. 1766-69, are a se-tenant strip of 4.

5. The only source of Stamp Nos. 1773-79, is the Special (Full) Sheet of 7, issued 08.16.94; in addition to Stamp Nos. 1770-72 of the same date. The topic of of all, being 94-PHILAKOREA.

6. The fifth Souvenir Sheet (S/S) of 08.22.94, contains one of each of Stamp Nos. 1781-1784. The other four S/S are typical, and contain 2 of the associated Stamp No. issued.

7. Commemorative Stamps, Nos. 1798-99, are classed as NEW YEAR/HOLIDAY stamps by Korea.

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