1995 South Korea Issue-Year Summary

As of December 31, 1995

1995 Stamps and Philatelic items by class/type


1. Beginning in 1995, the Korean Issuing Authority name changed from Ministry of Communications (Chae-shin-boo), to Ministry of Information and Communications (Jong-boe Tong-shin-boo). When not in English, the Korean (Hangul) character- string change is apparent in those areas which are used to authenicate Korean philatelic items; sheet-selvage, Souvenir Sheets, and Authority issued stamp booklets.

2. The Basic Postal-Rate of 130 Won (Commemorative Stamp denomination), increased to 150 Won in October 1995. Stamp No. 1831, 10.16.95, 50th Anniv. of FAO(UN), was the first issue inscribed with the new rate.

3. Authority (Official) Issued Stamp Booklets, Nos. 1780, 1804, 1788, and 1825 all contain panes of 3-side-perforated stamps. No. 1780, contains a pane of 20 stamps. The other three contain a pane of 10 stamps, each.

4. Collector Booklets, released by the Korean Philatelic Center, were of the Type 1-Souvenir Booklet format until the Nos. 1821-24, 07.24.95, Wild Flower Series (6th) release. Beginning with this release, the Korean Philatelic Center changed to a more compact, high-tech, glossey format; Type 2: Portable (Use) Stamp Booklet. As of Nov. 98, all subsequent Booklet releases have been of the Type 2. style; except, 96 and 97 Beauty Series Booklet releases, which have been in the Souvenir Booklet, style.

5. I do not have, and have not seen, supposed Collector Booklets Nos. 1813-14. I rely on Scott's listing at Sc# 1810-11.

6. Stamp Nos. 1815-18, are a se-tenant strip of 4.

7. Commemorative Stamps, Nos. 1845-46, are classed as NEW YEAR/HOLIDAY stamps by Korea.

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