Title : CARTOON SERIES(2nd)  (View Souvenir Sheet)
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
150 won 
Kkach'Iby Lee Hyun-se 
Lee Hyun-se 
Image Area
Sheet Composition
White unwatermarked
Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Cartoons/comics have emerged as a primary focal point of the state-of-the-art industries, contributing added value to the publishing, cinema, and electronic game industries, as well as the toy/action figure industry, which is making increasingly greater use of cartoon charaters and animation. Cartoons/comics also serve as an interesting medium through which our culture can be conveyed to viewers all over the world. The Ministry of Information and Communication issues a series of stamps featuring various Korean cartoons/comic series featuring Kim Song-hwan's Gobau and Hyun-se's Kkach'i (which literally translates to "Korean magpie", and is the nickname of the comic book hero Oh Hye-sung in allusion to his perpetually dishevelled hair).

Gobau, created by Kim Song-hwan, first appeared in November 1950. This comic was published in a variety of magazines and dailies such as the Dong-A Ilbo and the Choson Ilbo. Currently running in the Munhwa Ilbo, it is the nation's oldest comic strip reflecting current events, having run for 46 years. It has enjoyed great popularity among Korean citizens for its biting satires of the country's political, economic, and social irregularites. The character Gobau, a honest and tactless man in his mid-fifties, expresses all feelings through the movement of the single strand of hair on his head. Along with Gobau, other comic characters such as Kid Socket, Kkokkuri and Changdari (meaning: the tall boy), as well as Semodori and Nemodori (meaning: the boy with a triangle-shaped face and the boy with a square-shaped face) were also selected for depiction on the stamp and souveir sheet.

Kkach'i, was created by cartoonist Lee Hyun-se as the hero of the 1983 work, "The Formetable Baseball Team of Out-siders". Though he may seem simply amuzing and gentle in his outward appearance, Kkach'i possesses a toughness inside him which makes him a charismatic leader and spiritual pillar of society in many of Lee's subsequent works. The stamp and souvenir sheet feature scenes from the battle between the Hye-sung(Kkach'i), a futuristic science-fiction animation created in 1993. This movie is significant in that it suggests the enormous growth potential of the animation industry with its incorporation of highly-advanced, state-of -the-art scientific developments, such as in multi-media , which allow it to expand into many other related business areas, including videos, computer games, and toys/action figures.

The Ministry of Information and Communication is issuing the two stamps and two souvenir sheets of the cartoon series in time for the 74th Children's Day in the hopes of giving momentom to the continued development of the local cartoon industry into one of the nation's high value-added, strategic businesses, as well as to attract more teenage philatelists.